At Beaver Health Mart Pharmacy, we partner with local physicians, solving problems and providing services that make their jobs easier and help keep patients healthy.

As the first injectable medication administration pharmacy site in Beaver County, we are certified to administer long-acting, anti-psychotic injectable medications. The follow-up protocols we developed have earned us recognition among area physicians, many of which now rely on the pharmacy as a satellite location for injectable medications. We handle reminder calls, manage prescription fills and refills, and we report back to the physician to make sure they are up-to-date on their patients’ current medication administration records. We also administer testosterone injections, B12 shots, and intramuscular birth control, saving time for both patients and their doctors.

Beaver Health Mart Pharmacy can also help with things like routine vaccinations, freeing physicians to focus on more pressing matters. We help patients manage and coordinate all their prescriptions, so that they’re taking the right medicine at the right time without having to consult their doctor. We also package their prescriptions with clear, easy-to-read labels. Services like these help keep older patients independent longer, reduce excess medicine, and enable caretakers to quickly assess the medication without having to consult the patient’s family or physician.

In short, if you’re a physician, Beaver Health Mart Pharmacy can help solve your problems. We’d like to partner with you to help you do what you do even better—keep people healthy.