At Beaver Health Mart Pharmacy, we want to make managing your medicines as simple and safe as possible. That’s why we offer free compliance packaging and medication synchronization.

If you have two or more prescriptions, we’ll coordinate them so that they all arrive on the same day, saving you trips to the pharmacy. If you prefer, we can even deliver them — free of charge — right to your door. We also use clear, easy-to-read labels that help you take your medications on the right days, at the right times, and in as few doses as possible. We can even separate them into daily doses for you, so that if you need to leave home for the day you don’t have to carry around all of your prescriptions. Best of all, we’ll manage all of your refills for you, so that you always have your medication when you need it. For our older patients, these services help them stay independent longer. For their families, it provides peace of mind knowing that their loved ones don’t have to leave the house to pick up their medicines, and that they’re taking the right medicine on the right day.

It’s all part of Beaver Health Mart Pharmacy’s commitment to doing whatever we can to keep you healthy and happy. We’re here to serve you!